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zBeam_6 Correction zoom beam-expander
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piShaper 5.6 6 1064 HP
Very often applying the beam shaping system requires correction of laser beam size. This function can be realised successfully with using inexpensive zBeam systems that have a simple design and are easy to handle.

Design of zBeam systems could be adapted to particular beam shaping task.

zBeam systems of various sizes and wavelength ranges can be produced.

Technical Specifications:

Input Beam Diameter    < 9 mm (6 mm at 1/e2 level)
Type     Zoom Beam Expander
Operating wavelength range*    400 - 1200 nm
Magnification Factor

   0,75 - 1,33

Other Features

    - Optimized to work with piShaper 6_6
    - Achromatic for design wavelengths
    - Compact design suitable for scientific and industrial
    - Customs design on request (other wavelengths, beam sizes)

Overall dimensions     - Diameter 35 mm
    - Length 95 mm
Weight     < 250 g
Optimum wavelength range**
    1020-1100 nm
   - Outer Thread   M 27x1
   - Inner Thread   M 22x0,5
Applications based on
    Nd:YAG, Fiber and other near IR-lasers
  * - working wavelength range without taking into consideration the coatings
** - according to coatings applied