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5-Axis piShaper Mount
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piShaper 5.6 6 1064 HP
Because of a principle of transforming the energy the pShaper is sensitive to errors of its positioning with respect to input beam, so to provide a proper result of beam profile conversion it is necessary to take care for adjustments of the pShaper unit in optical system.

This is just a function of 5-Axis Mount tool providing necessary adjustments:
  - Angle tilting around axes X and Y and
  - Linear lateral shifts along X and Y axes.

Technical Specifications:

  Tilt/tip range   ±2°
  Sensitivity   3 arcsec
  XY translation range   ±2 mm
  Sensitivity for XY translation   1 µm

  Inner Thread M 27x1

  Overall dimensions   77 x 77 x 65 mm
  Weight   < 600 g