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The company Molecular Technology (MolTech) GmbH was established in the year 1990 and was initially oriented towards the development of new materials, components, as well as technologies, especially in the field of "lasers, optics, electronics". During the further development of the company, the business interests were extended to other product groups, such as laboratory devices and devices for the testing of material properties.
In the year 2002 the department of "Laboratory devices" was outsourced into an independent enterprise - the Berlin-based Lab4you devices development company (Lab4you GmbH ).
The "XRF-devices" department started active promotion of MetExpert devices and the according of measurement technologies in the year 2002.
Today MolTech GmbH has consumers in over 60 countries worldwide, of which about 50% are from the Research & Education branch and the other 50% are commercial companies.

Objectives The main objective of the company is the marketing of devices and equipments with a strong customer-friendly consultation-, guarantee- and after-guarantee-service. Furthermore the company aims at the development of new devices.
The production essentially takes place in the European countries, preferably in the EU- and in the EU-candidate countries. The delivery of standard devices to the consumer is realized within a short time, directly from the stores of the company or their authorized distributors.
Strategy The main strategy of the company is to supply the consumers with devices accompanied with consumer oriented sample preparation and measurement technologies, as well as a widespread network of consultation and distribution. Every customer gets a skill application-oriented consultation and safety procedures and assurances, that every faulty device will be repaired in a short time or replaced.
High-qualified engineers are assigned to adapt to the specific demands of each customer and to realize their specific requests. Great attention is also paid to the recommendations of the customers. They are analyzed in detail and considered for serial production, as well as for new adevelopments.

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