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Faraday Isolators and Rotators
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Available Faraday devices

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An optical isolator transmits the linearly polarized light in one direction and stops the most of light (with any polarization) in reverse direction. It consists of a Faraday rotator and two polarizers. The Faraday rotator is made of magneto-optically active rod placed inside the permanent magnet (Nd-Fe-B). The rod can be made of three types of the magneto-optically active materials: Terbium-doped glass (MOS-10), Terbium-gallium-garnet (TGG) crystals or Yttrium-iron-garnet (YIG) crystals.
The isolator serves for isolating a laser by attenuating reflected and backscattered light by several orders of magnitude. It is used when some devices have extreme sensitivity to optical feedback which can cause intensity instabilities, frequency pulling and other unwanted effects.
You can choose for Your needs one of our stadard isolator/rotator constructions or specify Your special wishes.
Some examples:

Single Stage Faraday Isolators
Double Stage Faraday Isolators
High Power  Faraday Isolators
Adjustable Faraday Isolators
Single Stage Compact Faraday Isolators
Faraday isolators Adjustable Faraday isolators Broadband Faraday isolators High Power Faraday isolators Double Stage Faraday isolators and rotators Single Stage