Activated Phosphate Laser Glasses
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Activated phosphate laser glasses
Chromium-Ytterbium-Erbium activated glasses are designed for maximal efficiency (up to 2.5 - 3.0 % in free running) under Xe flash lamp pumping in the regime of rare pulses.
   Neodymium-Ytterbium-Erbium activated laser glasses are designed for efficient (up to 2.0 - 2.5 %) flashlamp pumped operation in case of repetitive pulses. Heat dissipation in them is lower than that in Chromium-containing glasses and they exhibit no temperature decrease of lasing parameters.
   Concentrated Ytterbium-Erbium phosphate laser glasses are for laser diode pumped operation. Lasing wavelengths - 1.05 and 1.35 µm. These glasses have extremely high (4 x 1021 cm-3) Ytterbium ions content, resulting in high absorption coefficient of InGaAs Laser diode radiation (up to 35 cm-1 at the peak at 975 nm). Erbium content can be varied depending on the customers demands (typically (3 - 5) x 1019 cm-3 for side pumping and (1.5 - 2) x 1020 cm-3 for microchip lasers). Availability: rods or plates according to customer's demands with appropriate antireflective or reflective coatings.
   Concentrated Nd phosphate glass with lowered concentration luminescence quenching. Lasing wavelengths - 1.05 and 1.35 µm.
   Erbium activated phosphate laser glass. Lasing wavelength - 1.54 µm
Concentrated Nd phosphate glass:

Nd ions concentration range, cm-3 from 4 x 1020 to 27 x 1020
Nd radiational lifetime, µs 330
Nd lifetime at 10 x 1020 cm-3 concentration, µs 190
Nd lifetime at 27 x 1020 cm-3 concentration, µs 80
Lasing cross-section at 1.054 µm, cm2 3.8 x 10-20
Density, g/cm3 2.85
Refractive index 1.55
Thermal expansion coefficient 8.0 x 10-6 x K-1

  We supply rods and slabs with different cross-sections, dimensions and coatings. Different dopants compositions with different concentrations are available for specific customer requirements.

I N Q U I R Y    F O R M :

Quantity of elements:

For example: SHG@1064; SFG@800+267->200; DFG@780-842->10600; OPO@355->460÷560+960÷1150; etc.
polished sites:

 a-b b-c a-c
or d  
Dopant conc.:
% ;      Orientation:
For example:
10.0 +/- 0.1

For example: ARC s1/s2 1064 R<0.25%; ARC s1/s2 1064 R<0.25%+532<0.5%;
BBAR s1/s2 1064 R<1%+3÷10<5% etc.
a = mm;
c = mm
b = mm or
dia. = mm;
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