Non-linear Crystal Lithium Selenoindate (LiInSe2 or LISe)
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Mercury Thiogallate
The spectral transparency range and the high birefringence of the biaxial Lithium Indium Selenide (LiInSe2 or LISe) nonlinear optical crystals allow one to realize the SHG of all the widely used mid-IR lasers. Their efficiency is identical to that of the AgGaS2 crystals and twice as high as the efficiency of LiInS2 crystals. The advantage of the LiInSe2 crystals is the possibility of creating mid-IR parametric light oscillators pumped by radiation of near-IR solid-state lasers, in particular, Nd:YAG lasers, with more than doubled efficiency as compared to that of AgGaS2 and LiInS2 crystals used. It is also worth noting the potential advantage of the LiInSe2 crystals in frequency conversion of femtosecond pulses over all known crystals both in the mid IR region and in direct conversion of radiation of femtosecond Ti:sapphire and Cr:forsterite lasers into the mid IR region.

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Transparency range, µm 0.43  13
Point group mm2
Lattice parameters, Å a = 7.192, b = 8.412, c = 6.793 Å
Refractive indexes:
at 0.532 µm nx= 2.3185, ny= 2.2576, nz= 2.3018
at 1.064 µm nx= 2.4212, ny= 2.2907, nz= 2.3325
Non-linear coefficient, pm/V d31 = 8.35, d32 = 8.3
Optical damage threshold, GW/cm2 0.5 (1064 nm, 10 ns)
Chemical properties non-hygroscopic

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