Non-linear Crystal Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOAsO4 or KTA)
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Potassium Titanyl Arsenate (KTiOAsO4 or KTA) is an excellent optical non-linear crystal developed recently for non-linear optical and electrooptical device applications.
   These non-linear optical and electrooptical coefficients are higher in comparison with KTP and they have the added benefit of significantly reduced absorption in the 2.0 - 5.0 µm region. The large non-linear coefficients are combined with broad angular and temperature bandwidths. Additional advantages of the Arsenates are low dielectric constants, low loss tangent and ionic conductivities orders of magnitude less than KTP. Single crystals of these Arsenates are chemically and thermally stable, non-hygroscopic and are highly resistant to high intensity laser radiation.
   Crystals of KTA are important for second harmonic generation (SHG), sum and difference frequency generation (SFG)/(DFG), optical parametric oscillation (OPO), electrooptical Q-switching and modulation and as substrates for optical waveguides. OPO devices based on these crystals are reliable, solid state sources of tunable laser radiation exhibiting energy conversion efficiencies above 50%. KTA has a very high damage threshold. No optical damage was observed at the levels of 10 - 20 GW/cm2 with the picosecond dye laser. This crystal is grown using high temperature flux technique.

  • Optical parametric oscilator in middle IR region 1 - 5.5mkm
  • Different frequency generator in middle IR region 1 - 5.5mkm.

Transparency range, nm 350 - 5500
Point group mm2
Space group Pna21
Density, g/cm3 3.45
Lattice parameters, Å a = 13.103, b = 6.558, c = 10.746 Å
Mohs hardness 3
Refractive indexes:
at 1064 nm nx = 1.782; ny = 1.790; nz = 1.863
at 532 nm nx = 1.7826, ny = 1.7890, nz = 1.8677
Electro-optic coefficient, pm/V r13 = 15 1, r23 = 21 1, r33 = 40 1
Non-linear coefficients, pm/V d31 = 2.76, d32 = 4.74, d33 = 18.5
Optical damage threshold, MW/cm2 >10 000 (1064 nm, 70 ps)
Chemical properties non-hygroscopic

We supply KTP optical elements made according to customers' order.

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For example: SHG@1064; SFG@800+267->200; DFG@780-842->10600; OPO@355->460÷560+960÷1150; etc.
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Type & angles:
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For example: p-coating, ARC s1/s2 1064 R<0.25%; ARC s1/s2 1064 R<0.25%+532<0.5%;
BBAR s1/s2 1064 R<1%+3÷10<5% etc.
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