Chrysoberyl (BeAl2O4) Modification - Alexandrite (Cr+3:BeAl2O4)
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Chrysoberyl (BeAl2O4) modification - Alexandrite (Cr+3:BeAl2O4) is a particularly attractive precious gem. It is also a uniquely versatile solid-state laser material. It has the distinction of being the first solid-state laser medium capable of tunable operation at room temperature.
Alexandrite lasers are vibronic lasers; that is, phonons, as well as photons are emitted during lasing. The wavelength tuning is accomplished by controlling the branching of energy between phonons and photons during lasing. Alexandrite lasers have been tuned across most of the spectrum between 701 and 860 nm. The central part of the tuning range is from 720 - 800 nm. Using non-linear wavelength conversion processes such as harmonic generation and raman shifting, light has been generated at wavelengths from the deep IR (20 µm) to the VUV.
   In addition to its broad absorption bands throughout the visible spectrum, alexandrite exhibits narrow R line absorption features at wavelengths near 680 nm. These properties together with its long fluorescence lifetime make it an excellent material for both flashlamp and diode pumping. Alexandrite's thermo-mechanical properties make it an excellent performer in high power laser applications.
Operation in pulsed and CW modes at wavelengths, nm 700 - 820
Syngony rhombic
Spatial group Pnma (D2h16)
Lattice space parameters, Å: a = 5.47; b = 9.39; c = 4.42
Mohs hardness 8.5
Density, g/cm3 3.79
Refractive indexes ng = 1.753; nm = 1.747; np = 1.744
Axial characteristic biaxial
Thermal conductivity, W x cm-1 x K-1 0.23
Stimulated emission cross-section at 300K, cm2 3.0 x 10-19
Lifetime, sec 260 x 10-6
Absorption loss at 750 nm, cm-1 0.001 - 0.003
Generation boundaries depending on Cr+3 concentration, J 15 - 30
Operation boundaries depending on operation in pulsed and CW mode at wavelengths, µm: 0.70 - 0.82

Rods with round cross-sections and slabs are manufactured
Cr dopant concentration, at.% 0.03 ÷ 0.50
Diameter, mm (4 ÷ 10) ± 0.1
Length, mm (60 ÷ 110) ± 0.6
Ends unparallelity 10´´
Surface quality, scratch/dig 10 - 5
Flatness »/10
Orientation tolerance < 5
Orientation 001

We supply rods and slabs with different cross-sections, dimensions and coatings. Different dopants compositions with different concentrations are available for specific customer requirements.

I N Q U I R Y    F O R M :

Quantity of elements:

For example: SHG@1064; SFG@800+267->200; DFG@780-842->10600; OPO@355->460÷560+960÷1150; etc.
polished sites:

 a-b b-c a-c
or d  
Dopant conc.:
% ;      Orientation:
For example:
10.0 +/- 0.1

For example: ARC s1/s2 1064 R<0.25%; ARC s1/s2 1064 R<0.25%+532<0.5%;
BBAR s1/s2 1064 R<1%+3÷10<5% etc.
a = mm;
c = mm
b = mm or
dia. = mm;
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