Non-linear Crystal Silver Selenogallate (AgGaSe2 or AGSe)
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A closely related crystal to Silver Thiogallate (AgGaS2 or AGS), Silver Selenogallate (AgGaSe2 or AGSe) is also available. AgGaSe2 has band edges at 0.71 and 18 µm. Its bulk quality is excellent across the transmission range. There is no residual e-ray absorption centred around 1800 nm. The phase matching and non-linear optical properties of AgGaSe2 allow various SFM/DFM interactions from the visible to mid-IR. These includes non-critically phase matched DFM using selected wavelengths (available from tunable dye and Ti:Sapphire lasers) and OPO's pumped with commonly available Nd:YAG lasers.Tuning within 2.5–12 µm was obtained when pumped by Ho:YLF laser at 2.05 µm; NCPM operation within 1.9–5.5 µm was achieved pumping at 1.4–1.55 µm. Efficient SHG of pulsed CO2 laser is demonstrated. The AgGaSe2 crystals are also used for frequency doubling and three-frequency mixing. The parametric oscillators on the base of those crystals can produce the continuously tunable radiation in the spectral range from 1.34 mm to 18 mm with suitable pump laser. The low absorption of our AgGaSe2 crystals results in the fact that 80 mm length element has transmission value of 66.4% on a 1.06 mm wavelength, which is in accordance with the theoretical value of Fresnel loses for the crystal without of any absorption. With those crystals, the record results of conversion efficiency in comparison with all known infrared materials have been obtained. SHG efficiency of CO2 laser radiation for 40 mm length elements was about 20% (pulse length – 80 ns, pump energy - 2 J).

  • Generation second harmonics on CO and CO2 - lasers
  • Optical parametric oscilator
  • Different frequency generator to middle infrared regions up to 17 mkm.
  • Frequency mixing in the middle IR region

Transparency range, µm 0.71 - 18
Point group 4m2
Lattice parameters, Å a = 5.9921, c = 10.883 Å
Density, g/cm3 5.71
Mohs hardness 3.0 - 3.5
Refractive indexes:  
at 1.06 µm no = 2.7010; ne = 2.6792
at 3.0 µm no = 2.6245; ne = 2.5925
at 5.3 µm no = 2.6134; ne = 2.5808
at 10.6 µm no = 2.5912; ne = 2.5579
at 12 µm no = 2.5837; ne = 2.5505
Non-linear coefficient at 10.6 µm, pm/V d36 = 33
Walk off 0.68° at 5.3 µm
Optical damage threshold at 10.6 µm, 150 ns, MW/cm2 10 - 20
Thermal expansion coefficient
parallel to c-axis 16.8 x 10-6 x °C-1
perpendicular to c-axis -7.8 x 10-6 x °C-1

  We supply AGSe optical elements made according to customers' order.

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