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Faraday isolator MT-8/800-S
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Faraday isolator

Faraday isolator of standard design is the most qualified solution for optical isolation of laser active media from feedback .
Basic principal element of the device is antireflection coated nonlinear optical magnetic field polarization plane rotator crystal TGG (tellurium gallium garnet). The crystal is located in magnetic field of ferromagnetic cellar between two Glan polarizers which are arranged at an angle of 45 degrees to each other for the polarization plane. The crystal turns polarization plane at an angle of 45 degrees. Feedback passes through the crystal twice and it's polarization appears as turned at an angle of 90 degrees. This way the feedback is stopped by the incoupling polarizer.
Tuning operation is performed by moving the nonlinear media along optical axis /magnet tensity loops by the special tuning nut in order to achieve maximal transmittance for selected wavelength.
The most of unit parts are manufactured of chemically blackened aluminum alloy. Thread brass cellars are galvanized.