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Acousto-optical laser scanning system LSS
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Advanced high performance acousto-optical scanning system is able to project text or graphic dynamic information or a laser film on a large screen. The instrument is specially designed for the high power lasers operating in visible spectral range (from blue to red). The heart of the LSS is original two-coordinate acousto-optical deflector based on paratellurite single crystal.
The system is intended for indoor/outdoor operations with the following application aim: in advertisements and show business entertainment.
The LSS consists of an integrated acousto-optical system, XY external driver and PC interface card. The integrated acousto-optical system consists of input beam-forming optics, XY AO deflectors, in intermediate objective and projection objective with zoom capability.
The laser animation can be created by means of the specially designed computer program - film editor which is able to create and to demonstrate the frame sequences of arbitrary size. Any frame can be created either by PCX or GIF picture importing, or by means of the internal vector graphic editor. DOS text files can also be imported. The film editor allows to create a very smooth and continuous animation as well as different text effects. The laser animation can be demonstrated by means of a special plaing program. During the demonstration it is possible to vary its speed and to fit options, e.g. output picture turning and mirror reflections.
Item Units MT-5201 custom made
  Working wavelength nm single, 488 to 660 please specify
  Acousto-optical material - TeO2 -
  Input polarization - linear -
  Laser mode - TEM00 -
  Number of resolved spots (Rayleigh criterion) on the screen - 256 x 256 please specify (512x512)
  Mode of operation - close to linear scanning -
  Screen size m 15 x 15 -
  Distance to the screen m up to 200 m -
  Laser power W up to 20 please specify
 System weight (driver included) kg 8.0 -
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