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Paratellurite (TeO2) Collinear Beam Filters (High Resolution, Low Drive Power)
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Item Units MT-1214 MT-1215 custom made
Spectral Range (I) nm 1400...1700 2400...4000 please specify
Drive Frequency MHz 51...48 19...32 will be calculated
Spectral Bandwidth For Diffractional Divergency of the Light Beam nm@nm 0.8@1550 1.9@3390 please specify
Optical Aperture (A) Dia, mm 2 8 please specify (1 - 8)
Acceptance Angle Equal to Diffractional Divergency of Light Beam (l/A) deg 0.9 0.5 -
Drive Power Watts 0.35 2.3 -
Diffraction Efficiency %@nm 85@1550 90@3390 -
State of Light Polarization - Linear Linear -
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